Vietnam visa update: How to enter and process


Vietnam visa update: How to enter and process

2020 / 11 / 19

As we all know the coronavirus pandemic affected every part of the globe hitting several nations so bad that it resulted to the death of many. Not only were people killed as a result of the pandemic, the economy of several countries was affected and forced many into an economic crunch.

During those lockdowns, only essential businesses were allowed to operate. After a while to sustain the economy, the government began easing the lockdown in phasing trusting that things will return back to normal. Today, everyone is seen is going about their daily activities, people are carrying on with life as usual, and everything is almost getting back to normal.


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Waves of the Coronavirus in Vietnam

The first wave of the coronavirus hit Vietnam just like it did to several other countries around the globe. The country recorded few first cases of infection in February 2020 that forced it into taking some early preventive actions. However, while adhering to the laid down rules and guidelines as was provided for by health experts at an international and local level, it was able to contain the first wave.

This joy and celebration did not last long as the virus showed up mysteriously again by July. Danang, a coastal city of Vietnam was the center point of the second wave of the Coronavirus. Starting with just a case, the country moved to over a thousand just seven days after the virus resurfaced. Thirty-five new deaths were recorded and panic began to grow in the country as the virus spread to other parts such as Hanoi and Saigon.

To get to where Vietnam is today, there was a collective effort by business people and ordinary citizens who came up with innovative ideas to address the virus. Several research projects were embarked upon and today things are gradually returning back to normal. People are returning back to their works, schools have opened up, and businesses are gradually booming again. If you have been planning or nurturing an idea of coming to Vietnam, there are several ways to go about it. Things are not as easy now as they used to be with moving to Vietnam. To come to Vietnam now on a long term residency, let us examine some of the best ways to go about it.

Video update: trends, visa process, flights

Guillaume from Movetoasia digests for you in this video some insights that he has been sharing for months about implementing long term strategies to live in Vietnam.



How to Come and Enter to Vietnam Now ?

Open a company in Vietnam

The fastest way to go about coming to Vietnam now is to invest in Vietnam. Considering the impact of the coronavirus on the economy, the country is looking for ways to attract investors. To invest in Vietnam, you can set-up a business by yourself, or work with any Vietnamese to set-up one.

Vietnam, as a country, offers a healthy business environment to investors and that is why it is home to one of the best business investments across the globe. You don’t need a huge budget to set-up and run a business in Vietnam. To invest in Vietnam you must be eligible to run a business there and that is not going to cost so much. With a small amount, you can be eligible to set-up and run a business smoothly in Vietnam.

Find a job and work as an expert in Vietnam

Due to the coronavirus, many foreigners have left Vietnam back to their home countries. This has caused the country to be short of experts who can handle different things in the country. This shortage in talent is what has made the country open to new foreigners. So a good way to come to Vietnam now is to find a job that you are good at.

If you are still yet to perfect your skills in that job, you can take any of the several online courses that prepare individuals for a job in Vietnam. Take out to time to investigate the Vietnamese market to find out job openings that require experts. Some companies may be willing to cover the cost and expenses related to granting you business visa, quarantine fees to make you enter Vietnam nowadays.


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Vietnam trends: today and future ?

Vietnam had witnessed two waves of Coronavirus that is nothing close to what other countries experienced during this pandemic. Individuals, businesses, and even the economy are largely affected by the virus but thankfully authorities were able to well contained the spreading and things are gradually returning back to normal.

Now, Vietnam is focusing on rebuilding its economy by seeking foreign investors are skilled individuals. This presents a huge opportunity for you if you have been looking for how to come to Vietnam. Put together a business plan that you can execute or find jobs that are in need of the expert services that you offer and you might just be on your way to Vietnam.


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